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Mobile and Web Applications

Turn your idea into reality. Develop a fully-functioning product. We can deliver an MVP in two weeks if necessary.

Software Automation

Crystalize business workflows into code, save time, and enable growth. Integrate into platforms such as CRMs, marketing automation, inventory management.

IT Strategy and Security

Plan for growth and scale. Conquer organizational risks, plan information security policies, and cut technology management costs.
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WYC Technology Helps IBM Patch Major Security Vulnerability

February 21, 2017

See Media Coverage at The Register

IBM's Data Science Experience is an enterprise-grade business analytics platform. It enables data scientists to collaborate and leverage cloud computing to understand big data through statistical and machine learning algorithms. WYC Technology conducts routine IT security assessments of new cloud offerings to ensure its clients' data are safe. Within a short period of inspection, we identified a major security flaw that put hundreds of terabytes of customer data at stake. We worked directly with IBM's security team to issue a correction within just two weeks.

When Not to Use a Web Framework

January 20, 2017

Sometimes, it's actually best to ditch your mainstream web framework when starting new development or refactoring an existing project. If you try to make an opinionated tool do something that it wasn't designed to do, then prepare for a bloated budget and missed deadlines. It's important to understand what mainstream web frameworks are good at, and where they fall short.

Should I Use a CMS or Develop Custom Web Software?

January 15, 2017

Writing quality custom software for a web application can quickly get very expensive because the relevant skills are in high demand. Everyone wants to leverage the Internet's low distribution costs to scale their business. A Content Management System (CMS) is software primarily designed to fulfill content publishing needs: blogs, news websites, and newsletters. However, through a rich ecosystem of plugins for free CMS software like Wordpress and Drupal, people have built very successful ecommerce and subscription businesses while paying for very little custom programming. When does this approach work well, and when does it fall short?

Trusted as a Key Technology Partner

is a dependendable partner that companies rely on to build and grow their revenue-generating products. We take the time to truly understand your business and customers to deliver software solutions and IT strategy that can drive real impact. Most of the challenge of creating software is talking to the right people and figuring out what not to build.

Our clients range from investor-backed startups seeking product-market fit to established companies with complex security requirements and big existing infrastructures.

Client Feedback


Concierge/Stat is a health technology company helping patients plan and manage their recovery after a visit to the emergency room.
architected a secure and scalable product that has successfully served tens of thousands of patients. It actively incorporates our business goals into technical decision-making and has developed large-scale automations that measurably improve productivity. Under its technology leadership, we were able to swiftly win and support several new revenue-generating contracts.”

Benjamin Jack, M.D.
Chief Executive Officer, Concierge/Stat

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