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Posted on June 6, 2017


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Learn what to expect from this new class of security-focused, container-based cloud platforms.

In the 1990s, a system administrator would have waited a week for equipment deliveries, only to spend the next month writing configurations to the needs of a small office. New cloud servers today are provisioned in multiple regions, and can start serving global customers in just a few minutes. Each wave of new computing services promises improvements in convenience and cost. With rampant political data breaches, ailing healthcare IT systems, and rising cybercrime in recent memory, the next wave of improvements should include security.

Even companies in highly-regulated industries such as finance and healthcare have been drawn to the potential cost savings and tremendous flexibility offered by public cloud providers. The cloud providers themselves enjoy economies of scale resulting from efficient utilization, custom-made hardware, and strong tooling written once and for all. More recently, large players such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft have begun to consolidate security-oriented offerings that specifically address regulations including government, PCI, and HIPAA. It makes sense that these behemoths can afford the crack security teams required to design and scale robust isolated systems that businesses can depend on–these are fixed costs that can benefit all of their customers once implemented.

Security with the convenience of PaaS

Despite the fact that larger cloud providers offer security and implementation guidelines, companies still face significant risks and challenges when deploying secure applications to the cloud. A new class of security-focused cloud platforms promises to bridge this gap, bringing security best-practices and regulatory compliance with the convenience of platform as a service (PaaS).

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WYC Technology Helps IBM Patch Major Security Vulnerability

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IBM's Data Science Experience is an enterprise-grade business analytics platform. It enables data scientists to collaborate and leverage cloud computing to understand big data through statistical and machine learning algorithms. WYC Technology conducts routine IT security assessments of new cloud offerings to ensure its clients' data are safe. Within a short period of inspection, we identified a major security flaw that put hundreds of terabytes of customer data at stake. We worked directly with IBM's security team to issue a correction within just two weeks.

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